Saturday, July 30, 2011

New home!

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to finally be blogging! It may take awhile to get used to so be patient with me. We have finally got settled in the house and are loving it! It was everything we needed. Kirk likes coming home for lunch so its really convenient being close to the school.  Speaking of school, Kirk is doing great! He made a 100 on his first drug test! He has been studying a lot and has really adjusted better than he thought getting back into school. He is doing so well the 2 guys sitting next to him have already been calling asking what he is studying and when! Hahahaha...I'm finally getting settled in my new job. Not loving it yet but I'm trying not to get too discouraged since I'm still on orientation. Everything is on the computer and I'm coming from all paper charting from South ER so that is a big change for me. It will start to get easier with time though! But as most of you know I'm not very patient :) Blitz is finally adjusting. Kirk and I thought he was depressed at first. He was sleeping a lot and not being very playful. He was also throwing up a lot too so we thought he might be anxious about his new environment. But lo and behold I bought him a new toy and he perked right up! Now he is driving us crazy again because he wants to play every single second we are home! I know I promised some people pictures so here are a few from the new house.
This is a table next to the front door in the living room.

This is the mantel of the fireplace in the living room. My favorite part of the house :)
Thanks mom and dad for the couch! It looks great!
 And the chair!!
I won't bore you with them all today! More to come though I promise! Last night we had a pretty cool experience. We got to meet Haley and Stephano from this years American Idol! They sat right in front of us while listening to live music at an outdoor bar in downtown Nashville. I even got to sneak a picture with Haley!  

Hopefully this will be the first of MANY star encounters while in Nashville!! Miss you all and Love you!!


  1. that's great em! sonic got depressed one time and i seriously put my cat on prozac. glad all blitz needed was a toy!

  2. The house looks great! That is exciting that you met Haley (she was my favorite)! I know the job will get better, just give it some time. The next phone call is on me.....