Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cozy bed!

I am super excited to show you this sewing project! Blitz LOVES his pillow...but it is ugly!
So I went to Hobby Lobby this am and got some new fabric to cover it and make a "Cozy Dog Bed" out of my One-Yard Wonders book. (However this took more than one yard to cover his existing were right mom.) I wanted fabric to match our master bedroom and Hobby Lobby had the PERFECT fabric!! It is home decor fabric but was on sale so not as expensive. I couldn't figure out how to attach the piping correctly. I think I have the wrong foot on my sewing it will have to wait for another project! I had to learn how to do a slip-stitch by hand for this project and also learned how to sew corners. So needless to say this was a great educational project for a beginner! I have grown to HIGHLY respect people who sew and sew well like my Nana. It takes a lot of patience and more mental thought that I expected. I have to really concentrate every second or I end up ripping out a seam!! So kudos to all you that can sew!! I also gave in this morning and bought one of these at Hobby Lobby (with a 40% of coupon of course!!)
Well worth the money folks!! Beats the cardboard box I was trying to use :)
I had to wind a bobbin with brown thread for this project and did it on the first try this time! Not nearly like the 30 minutes it took me last project! 

Blitz was starting to check it out...
And this is the back....its reversible!

 I think he likes it...what do you think? And mom likes it better because it matches the bedroom :)
Love and Miss you all!


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