Monday, August 15, 2011

"You say tomato, I say mater'!"

This Saturday we went to the Nashville Tomato Festival.  It was voted the best festival 4 years running in the Nashville Scene, so even though I don't like tomatoes I of course had to go! It was pet friendly so Kirk and I took Blitz and met our friend Keven and Katie with their dog Emma.
Katie, Keven and Emma (aka Blitz's girlfriend)

Kirk, Emily and Blitz

It was located in East Nashville at 5 point intersection...which is really where 5 roads come to an intersection! So they had the booths lined up and down the streets coming toward the intersection....very interesting. There was a lot of things for sell that were obviously tomato based like canned tomatoes, tomato art, tomato jewelry and etc. (And did I mention people dressed up in tomato suits and as "tomato godesses?)
Check out that hat!!
 It was mainly an art festival with a lot of local artists. My favorite booth was by a local antique store. Lots of good stuff but I resisted and didn't buy anything! This item was a close purchase for Katie though...haha...a purse with a cross-stitched picture of a dog that looked just like Emma :)

Being pet friendly they also had a lot of pet booths! Blitz got his toenails trimmed for free and him and Emma got to play in some kiddie pools. So glad they had these because it helped keep him cool in the humidity here!
Blitz LOVES pools! He felt right at home!

Right before Emma peed in the pool! :)
All in all it was fun getting out of the house, experiencing some Nashville culture, and not having to spend any money! It wore Blitz out! He slept well that night :)
On the way home cooling off with the AC.
Miss and Love you all!!

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