Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest bathroom reveal!

I promised more pictures of the house so here is the guest bathroom! I brought everything from home except for the blue rugs and towels. Which were $3 dollars at target!!! Yes, $3! So for 2 hand towels (a bundle) and 2 rugs it was only 9$! I like it! 
There was no towel rack so we bought this standing rack to make the fixtures from Target....if you can't tell I love Target....for only $7!

The hand towels with our monogram on them is from Thirty-One which were in our old bathroom at home. 

The shower curtain is also from Target which was a wedding gift.  

We were extremely lucky in this house that the paint colors in all the rooms matched what we had! I like the border in this bathroom. The swirls in the pattern match the 2 canvas paintings. The canvas paintings came from Garden Ridge and were also in our guest bathroom at home.
Don't you just love the flowers! We got them from the Farmers Market on Saturday and they still look great! I love the way they make the water pink! I love everything pink :)

Doesn't it look inviting?? Don't you want to come visit us???
Love and Miss you all!

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