Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nashville Farmer's Market

Today we decided to get out and experience some of the city. First stop....Pancake Pantry. Its located in midtown which is sort of downtown I guess but kinda a younger "new money" area. However, Pancake Pantry has been there for over 50 years "and still 23 varieties" of yes...PANCAKES!! One of my favorite foods :) The wait was long....45 minutes...and of course it poured down rain for 30 minutes of that...but the pancakes were well worth the wait!

I had blueberries pancakes with a side of sausage patties and Kirk had the small plate with sweet potato pancakes. The blueberry pancakes had blueberry batter with blueberry capote on the side with warm maple syrup and fresh whipped butter...yeah...that just happened!

Kirk's sweet potato pancakes were infused with cinnamon and served with a special syrup that had cinnamon and sweet cream....yet again FABULOUS!

If anyone comes to see us this is a must on the list when visiting! Just be prepared to wait!
Surprisingly we couldn't finish it all...haha

Yeah....we didn't eat lunch!

After we ate the rain calmed down, so we went to the Nashville Farmers Market which is on Rosa Parks Blvd, also in downtown. It is an open air fair with covering so that helped when it started sprinkling again. The smells are the best part. All the fresh produce and flowers...made me feel like I was back at the farm picking the garden :)
Beautiful flowers by the Amish!

South Carolina peaches...oh so yummy! And pretty :)

Love all the colors!

Tomato pyramids!
We kinda went wild since it was our first time there and it all looked so amazing! This is everything we brought home!

The flowers are Cock's Comb ("like the rooster" is how the Amish lady explained it..haha) The bunch was only $4.00!! Amazing!!

Cant wait to devour all this yumminess!!! 
Miss and Love you all,

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