Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend with Allison!!

I was lucky enough this weekend for one of my best friends to come visit!! I met Allison our freshman year in college and  got to know her better through nursing school. She is by far one of the most loyal, fun and driven people that I know! She juggles work, school and the household and is the best wife and mommy I know! She was supposed to arrive late Thursday night but after a delayed flight and layover in Chicago she finally got here Friday morning. We came back to the house, made some coffee of course, and then got ready for the day! I had to go to a wellness screening at work so I took Allison with me to show her where I worked. After a quick tour and blood draw we went to lunch at Which Wich. Its a sandwich shop in Hendersonville that I love! We then went downtown to the flea market. We found some good finds and some not so good finds. Some of my favorites was a gold watch for $5.00 (Kirk and Allison are skeptical but I love it!) and some good ole Zyrtec for $1.00!!! After a quick nap we went to dinner at Urban Flats with our friend Ashley for her birthday. Thankfully Kirk had time to go to dinner and hang out with us! We then went downtown to the Second Fiddle and Legands bar to hear some good local bands! 

Saturday morning we got up and cooked breakfast! These fun little cups are wheat bread, bacon and eggs baked in a muffin pan. The recipe is from...of course....Pinterest! They were delish!

After spending a relaxing morning on the front porch with our coffee and wonderful fall weather, we got ready for Wine on the River. It was a food and wine festival on the Shelby Pedestrian bridge along the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville. We dressed up in our best cowgirl outfits and headed downtown!
We caught a picture on the front porch before leaving the house.

Pretty Allison

This is the "MASK" guy off the last bachelorette! He owns a winery in St. Louis called "Freaky" so he wanted to be mysterious on the show to promote his business....bad guy!

It was worth a picture though since this is my 2nd "reality tv show" person encounter!

After Wine on the River and a bite to eat downtown we went to the Randy Rogers Concert! My favorite band in the whole world!!!!! It was an outdoor concert and was already dark so the pictures didn't turn out well but I got some great videos to show Kirk since he couldn't go with us :( He bought a ticket but got called into work last minute and couldn't go! Poor guy! So proud of him and how hard he is working in school! 
Sunday morning we took Allison to the Pancake Pantry. The pancakes were as delicious as always unfortunately the service was not so she wasn't as impressed as we had hoped. We then spent a quiet afternoon at home, did a little shopping and headed to the airport. 
The weekend was entirely too short but I had a great time! It curbed my homesickness for a day or so ;) I'm so blessed to have Allison in my life! Thanks again for coming girl!! 

Have a blessed day,

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