Friday, September 2, 2011

Minor upgrades for pennies!

If you don't know about Pinterest yet...I'm sorry. Its amazing! Its a website that has virtual pinboards that you fill with "pins" you like. These pins are added by people off the internet such as blogs, etsy, retail sites, and more. There is a ton to look at from recipes to home decor to photography to DIY projects! DIY is my little hearts desire and is where I spend most my time on Pinterest. (However I've tried a couple of the recipes and they aren't so shabby either!) My mind races with "Things I want to tackle"...which is my DIY pinboard name :) So as I sit on the couch and look at all the pretty things and easy projects on the computer, my eyes wonder to my own house. This week I found a couple of things that weren't so pretty and needed glammed up a little! Best part is they were on our budget!

First project was our old nasty scale. Don't let the picture fool you, up close it was started to yellow and look oh so gross! So I grabbed some old fabric scraps I had from my kitchen curtains at home and got an idea :)

Case in point. And the corners were peeling up and I'm sure all kinds of bacteria was growing...Yucky.

So I peeled the paper off the scale and this is what I found :)

So I took the fabric and some good ole' Mod Podge and made it look like this!! 
The! The fabric! Mod Podge...$4.99 (too expensive but will cover a lot of future projects) and a foam brush...$0.99. Now if I could only get the numbers on the scale fixed...hehe

Second project of the day...

This AWESOME couch table converted tv stand is being graciously loaned to us by my Aunt Vickie! (Thanks Vic :) The original idea was to put the boxes in the the drawers but they were too large so I opted to store the CDs and DVDs in them. However I didn't like being able to see them.
 So I went to Hob Lob and got 2 pieces of scrap book paper for $0.59 each and cut them to fit....
 And tada!! (Ignore the sideway picture in the frame..haha...had to turn the frame vertical to hide some cords..which I didn't do a great job of...and haven't changed the picture yet!)
So cheap...and yet such a great update :)

Hope you enjoyed my upgrades!! You can view my "things I want to tackle" board here...

More to come :)
Love and miss you all!


  1. Great thrifty ideas. That scale looks fab.

  2. Oh, Mod Podge. It's always the answer isn't it? I'm so going to copy your scale idea for my new bathroom. Brilliant!

  3. wow, you made that scale look good!! visiting from TDC.

  4. This is such a great idea! I think I will have to copy. Visiting from Home Stories A to Z tutes.