Friday, September 30, 2011

Blitz's birthday buscuits!

Well, our four-legged baby turned 2 this week!! Which in dog years is we are going through the terrible twos and teenage stage at the same time!! Hahaha...since I worked on his birthday and Kirk was in school...we had to wait until today to celebrate. We played outside, played inside....and made homemade doggie treats!! I got the idea off Pinterest (of course) but it originally came from this really cute blog. I used the same recipe.

 He was being so patient!!!

 So i let him lick the spoon!!
 I didn't have the cute bone cookie cutter so I made hearts, stars and my own carved bones :)
 Ready to go in the oven!
 He waited by the oven... hahaha ... so cute!
 All done and cooling off!!
 He could hardly contain himself!! He loved them!!!!!
 Yummy yummy yummy!
I pretty sure he was thinking here....I have the best mom ever!! :)

I'm gonna try and post the video...lets see if this works...

Ignore the awful singing!! Blitz had a great birthday...he got a new toy, dentastixs, a bone and homemade biscuits! He isn't spoiled at all!!

Have a blessed day!

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